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Science Communication Award 2024

We invite you to participate in the UCCSH Science Communication Award (USCA) 2024!

Visualize your research project and win one of six awards of € 250 each at your free disposal*.

Here is everything you need to know

What are the criteria for participation?


We welcome applications from Researchers of all career levels, starting from B.Sc.

Please note that professors with a structure-forming professorship1 are excluded.

Topic in Oncology

The graphical abstract must be oncology- related and adress at least one of the main USSCH research programms

  • Metastasis & Dissemination

  • Biomarkers & Minimal Residual Disease

  • Immunotherapy & Tumor Immunology

  • Inflammation & Cancer

  • Precision Oncology & Treatment Resistance

1 i.e. full professor heading a section/institute/department.

What to hand-in and how to submit your work?

Graphical Abstract

Create a concise and self-explanatory visual summary of your research project that captures your project at a single glance.

Format: The work should be submitted as a single high-resolution (300 dpi or greater, not compressed) image file: .tif, .jpg, or .pdf

Size: The image should be suitable to be shared on social media and embedded in a journal article manuscript page.


This year, you can choose to participate in one of the following catergories:

  • Science community

  • Public


Add a separate caption that does not exceed 30 words in the submission email.


Email your work to

Please copy/paste this into the submission email and include the relevant following information:

Career level (B.Sc, M.Sc., MD, PhD):
Topic in oncology: indicate # of main research programme
Category: choose whether you either want to adress the  1. Scientific/Mediacal community or 2. Non-Scientific audiences

Statement: I hereby confirm that my supervisor is informed about my participation and agrees. Please note: By participating, I agree that my graphical abstract may be used for the following purposes: Publication on the UKSH, UzL and CAU websites, on social media platforms and print publications. I do not receive any payment for the publication. I can withdraw or restrict my consent to the publication. Otherwise the consent is valid indefinitely.

What`s the timeline?


April 2024

Basic Workshop (optional)

April 24th, 2024, 12 - 14 Uhr

Basic worskhop: In 60 minutes, we will give you a basic tutorial of how a graphical abstract is created and which softwares you can use.

If you are interested let us know by sending a short mail to


July 15, 2024

Award Ceremony

06. September 2024 – winners will present their works at the UCCSH Research Retreat in the Vitalia Hotel Bad Segeberg

What are the criteria for evaluation?

The award committee will select the best graphical abstracts based on the successful combination of scientific content and design. In particular, intuitive accessibility & comprehensibility will be assessed by representatives of both the scientific and non-scientific audience. Further criteria include the appropriate use of tools, colors and fonts and the degree of creativity, harmony and attraction.

More questions? No problem!

*Please be aware that prize money is regarded as income in accordance with § 22 No. 3 EStG. You are therefore obliged to declare and pay tax on the income from this contract to the relevant tax office. The UKSH is obliged to cooperate in accordance with §§ 90, 93, 97 AO and must provide the tax office with comprehensive information, including personal data. This does not apply to information that is subject to medical confidentiality."

Explore the visual absrtacts of the USCA 2023 winners